Expertise and Services

   We leverage our extensive design and development experience in Aerospace, Defense and Nanotechnology industries to provide simulation based product engineering and development services using cutting-edge CAD, FEA, CFD and data analytics tools for improved product performance and reliability while reducing development time and cost. We provide mechanical engineering services for Aerospace, Power generation, Automobiles, Oil and Gas, Electronics and Industrial Capital Equipment verticals from conceptual design to detailed design and analysis. Through an excellent combination of onshore and offshore engagement approaches, best project management practices and streamlined work flow integration we are able to offer quality simulation based engineering services at an affordable price.

Below are some of our capabilities and expertise:

CAD: Product Design, 3-D Modeling, and Drafting

° 3-D solid models
° Drafting, and drawing modifications
° Drawings for manufacturing with GD&T
° Legacy model and drawing conversion
° Conceptual and detailed designs
° STL file for 3D-printing 
° Technical publication 


Simulation for Product Design Engineering, Assessment and Improvements

° Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 
          › Static: Linear, Nonlinear, Elastic-plastic 
          › Dynamic: Free vibration, Forced vibration, Transient
          › Rotordynamics- Critical speed, Harmonic and Transient
          › Impact Analysis- Crash and Containment analyses

° Mechanism Design Analysis- Kinematics and Multi BodyDynamics (MBD)

° Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

° Thermal/Heat Transfer Analysis
          › Steady state / Transient
          › Coupled with flow- Conjugate Heat Transfer
          › Thermal management 

° Component Life prediction
          › Safe life - under load spectrum
          › Creep deformation and rupture life
          › Damage tolerance Assessment (fracture mechanics) 

° Component failure assessment, reliability analysis and design improvements

° Design improvements and optimization

IoT and Predictive Analytics

° Abstract model from detailed simulation
° System health monitoring and data acquisition plan
° Data analytics using machine learning algorithms 
° Component and System prognosis and predictive maintenance

   Using our experience in design and development processes of advanced systems we create a product development plan, identify risks and the necessary improvements needed in the design at early stage of the product development, and address them through creating a feasible design space and systematic simulation-based design exploration study enabling optimum design considering performance, reliability, manufacturability, assembly and cost.

   We also offer services for root cause analysis to address failure, MRB during prototype development, life extension and product re-design.

Design Engineering Software and Tools

We have expertise and experience over a wide range of  product design analysis and engineering tools and software. Here is a partial list of the product design and engineering software*

NX for design, NX CAE for Simulation: Siemens PLM Software Inc.

SOLIDWORKS for 3D CAD, Simulation, PLM and Technical Communication: Dassault Systemes


AutoCAD: Autodesk Inc.

ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS Multiphysics, ANSYS Icepak: ANSYS, Inc.

ANSYS Fluent for CFD: ANSYS, Inc.

MSC/NASTRAN,  MSC/Fatigue, Patran- MSC Software Corporation

MSC/Adams: MSC Software Corporation

Abaqus: Dassault Systemes


*All the above software, trademarks, registered trademarks, logo or service marks belong to their respective holders.

Apart from these we also take up software development for specific needs and data analytics.

Service Offerings and Engagement Models

We understand outsourcing of your product design project is a critical business decision and we assure you this will be a happy collaboration. We ensure the delivery of results by meeting your expectations, and bringing in new insight from our global team for deriving innovation.

To realize full benefit of outsourcing, a proper business engagement model is important that has flexibility to accommodate business dynamics and suitable per your needs.

  • Time and material basis (T&M): Resources augmentation
  • Project basis with scope of work at fixed cost 
  • Monthly/yearly contract for a specific team composition of resources and experts
  • Dedicated center of excellence or Development Center for strategic long term basis
  • Joint Venture

We have following process to help you out to arrive at the service model suitable for you. If you have any question please contact us.